Successful Algorithmic Trading – Michael Halls-Moore

Trade Section Successful Algorithmic Trading – Michael Halls-Moore

Author : Michael Halls-Moore

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Successful Algorithmic Trading has been written to teach retail discretionary traders and trading professionals, with basic programming skills, how to create fully automated profitable and robust algorithmic trading systems using the Python programming language. The book describes the nature of an algorithmic trading system, how to obtain and organise financial data, the concept of backtesting and how to implement an execution system.

The book is designed to be extremely practical, with liberal examples of Python code throughout the book to demonstrate the principles and practice of algorithmic trading. 1.3 Who is this Book For? This book has been written for both retail traders and professional quants who have some basic exposure to programming and wish to learn how to apply modern languages and libraries to algorithmic trading. It is designed for those who enjoy self-study and can learn by example. The book is aimed at individuals interested in actual programming and implementation, as I believe that real success in algorithmic trading comes from fully understanding the implementation details. Professional quantitative traders will also find the content useful. Exposure to new libraries and implementation methods may lead to more optimal execution or more accurate backtesting.