PROFITABLE CANDLESTICK TRADING Pinpointing Market Opportunities to Maximize Profits

Author: Stephen Bigalow

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Japanese Candlestick charting and analysis is one of the most effective technical methodologies in the universe of technical analysis. This bold statement is consistent with the same statements that were made one to two decades ago in books written about Candlesticks when they were first introduced into the United States. The exact same problems that appeared to keep the Candlestick method out of the limelight back then have persisted to make Candlesticks still a fairly underused method today. Through the years, the number of people who have become proficient users of Candlestick analysis has been minimal. Nearly two decades of using the signals have produced two basic revelations: the signals are extremely accurate, and it is unusual that more people have not become advocates of the technique. One of the most powerful investment techniques has been sitting in front of the U.S. investment community, yet it has not exploded in popularity as one would expect. Years of informal surveys have reached this conclusion. There is a definite perception about Candlestick trading. It is seen as requiring a long time to learn and become proficient at it. That is the major reason the majority of investors have stayed away from Candlesticks. That misconception is what spurred the writing of this book. Other books on the topic were written nearly a decade ago. Those books were informational and well written, however, they were published in somewhat of a vacuum. Once the books were read, each investor was out there on his or her own. The number of people to confer with after first becoming exposed to the Candlestick method was minimal. The ideas were new in the United States and there were few places to turn to for guidance. For the past two decades, most investors have been aware of Candlesticks. The most common statement is, “They know about Candlesticks; they just don’t know how they work.” An extremely high percentage of chart followers have the Candlestick formations on their charts versus the standard bar charts. This is due to the favorable visual impact. The illustrative properties of the Candlestick chart make viewing much easier.