Forex Revolution – Peter Rosenstreich

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Author : Peter Rosenstreich

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I love this market and it never stops amazing me. The foreign exchange market is the ultimate gauge of reality. In a world where it is impossible to quantify the actual significance of an event, the Forex market tries. In my view, just as in chaos theory, the Forex market is always moving from order into chaos and back to order again—and trading on the edge of chaos is the only place I want to be. What makes foreign exchange trading existing are the underlying themes that drive the market. On the fundamental side, there are geopolitics, governments, societies, macroeconomics, and the behavior of the numerous market participants who vary greatly in objectives and approach. On the technical side, there is a market that seems to move in patterns and with endless liquidity. Life can become repetitive and slow, with some people even saying things like, “There is nothing new,” or, “I’ve seen it all before.” And I think, “Yeah, just you wait.” As a Forex trader, you have a front row seat to a world that never stops to amaze and produce the completely unexpected. I wrote this book as an introduction to Forex trading in a simple and understandable format. It was not produced in response to some slick marketer screaming, “Make money in your sleep,” or some academic with a mathematical model so complex that only four people in the world understand it. My intent is to provide a non-biased overview that will let the individual decide which approach to the market suits him or her best. With this knowledge, they can then choose their own advanced education and trading directions. I hope I can inspire aspiring Forex quants and instant traders alike. To explain Forex trading, I use a blend of real trading experiences, definitions, and methodologies because you need all three to become a successful trader in any market. Trading is never about memorizing how someone else trades; one’s strategy must be developed by the individual. Hopefully, with this book, you can take all of this information and begin crafting your own trading models. Good luck trading!