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“Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect.” —Mark Twain Mark Twain’s simple words ring true in many aspects of life, but in investing, this statement is a solid piece of advice. So often investors follow the masses and the mass media into a trending market direction only to have a reversal of fortune create a sudden change in the capital flow in the market. In creating Advanced Option Trading in Volatile Markets, I wanted to bring you advanced trading and option techniques to allow you to follow the trending masses while learning to offset the risk of significant changes in market direction. In this book we cover a great deal about volatility and the effects of volatility on market trading. Volatility ebbs and flows; it is not a fixed or necessarily predictable aspect of the market. Your job as an investor, trader, or financial professional is to learn to manage volatility using advanced strategy and trading discipline. To be a successful investor or financial professional today, you must have a full understanding of the advanced strategies available • i x • for your portfolio as well as an understanding of how these strategies are utilized by other investors. I wanted to bring advanced strategy to a level that was quickly and easily understandable and to avoid a bunch of flowery language and complicated mathematics that often discourage busy people from learning advanced portfolio management.