Trade Section ELLIOTTWAVE,FATF,M1 Elliott Wave Analysis & Forecast, FATF (Fatima Fertilizer), M1, 05-Mar-2020

Elliott Wave Analysis & Forecast, FATF (Fatima Fertilizer), M1, 05-Mar-2020

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Fatima Fertilizer Company Ltd.

It’ve been long since I analyze this item. Prices are currently in downtrend in red wave c of blue wave 2. Blue wave II is completing its structure in double zigzag Once this blue wave II completed, we will see long term uptrend in blue wave III which will go much far beyond the end of blue wave I. If our above Elliott Wave count is correct then at the moment ideal target for the blue wave C is near 17.80 if double zigzag will form. However if it is converted to triple zigzag then price can go even lower.

Long term Blue wave I ended on sep, 2015 by placing Top at 51.25. Blue wave I also completed and composed nice grey five wave rally.

Some Points for Investors

  1. Earnings have declined by -4.37% per year over past 5 years
  2. Unstable dividend track record
  3. Less Volatility in Past 3 Months
  4. Fair Share Value 19.47
  5. Current net profit margins (18.9%) are lower than last year (25.4%)

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