Trade Section Uncategorized Elliott Wave Analysis & Forecast, KSE100, W1, 02-Mar-2020

Elliott Wave Analysis & Forecast, KSE100, W1, 02-Mar-2020

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It’s time to analyze and recalculate KSE 100 Chart, If you look my previous KSE100 in 2017 I had give caution that top might be placed @ 50886 and completion of Red wave 1 ended and Red wave 2 might be started in simple zigzag form towards 20000 or even lower. But after reaching @ 50886 price, we saw another spike leading to the top @ 53127 ending the red wave 1.

Now at the moment price are moving into blue wave b of red wave b of green wave W of Red wave II, and according to the structure that has been forming on chart someone can predict flat correction. If it is true we saw another spike in red wave be towards previous top or even higher before prices will go towards flat correction completeness. It was just a prediction but it is a matter of time.

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