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Why Invest? Here are Seven Good Reasons – Phillip Kimpo Jr.

No doubt, investing your hard-earned money is a risky business. Sure, there are investments that look like they don’t carry huge risk of failure, but these won’t get you huge amounts of dough. Remember — huge risk comes with huge returns. And if you’re properly informed as to the basic terms and principles of investing, chances are you’ll lead yourself into financial security. That said, why should you invest? Here are a couple of good reasons: 1) Have your money make more money for you — and you won’t have to lift a finger. Sounds great? Of course it is. It’s just that some people can’t afford to keep away their money, and spend them a short time after they earn it. Learn to save and invest some. 2) Beat inflation. If you wisely invest your money in places or products that give a return that surpasses the rate of inflation, your future finances are in good hands. Many experts agree that over the long term, investing in the stock market will give you returns that beat inflation. 3) You have a business? Investments are crucial to any business, whether small or big. Lessons in investment are also lessons in owning and maintaining a business — learning the risks involved, choosing the risks to take, and keeping an eye out for lucrative opportunities. So investing doesn’t just help you grow your capital and expand your business; it also teaches you how to become a successful businessman. 4) You have a family? Raising a family is hard, especially with all the costs you have to face day in and day out — the house mortgage, the family car, appliances, and so on. The initial effort of investing part of your monthly salary can yield large sums of money later on. You can use these returns to pay the bills or buy something for your family — even a vacation! 5) You’re in school, or paying for someone who’s in school? Education is one of the most profitable investments you can make. Tuition fees can shoot up through the years, so it’s wise to be ready to support someone’s studies in the long-term. Investing in a good educational plan is a good move. 6) Assure yourself of a good future. Even if you’re still young, it’s better to think ahead than be sorry. Have enough money when you retire by making long-term investments. You’ll be surprised to see how much you’ll earn through the years, or even the decades. 7) Investing isn’t that hard to do. You don’t even need to hire a professional to manage your finances — you can do it yourself! First thing you need to do is get over the intimidation factor. Then, familiarize yourself with all the jargon and procedures, and study the various places where to invest your money. There are many more reasons why you should invest, and you’ll get to learn more about them when you take the first steps and start exploring your investment options.


Phillip Kimpo Jr.

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