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An Old Dividend Stock Investment Idea, for a New Generation – Charles M O’Melia

An Old Dividend Stock Investment Idea, for a New Generation

Death and taxes! The certainties of life! And then, of course, there are the mortgage payments, the utility bills, phone bills, the car payments and thirsty automobiles. Add that to the grocery and clothing bills, and there appears to be more then just death and taxes as certainties of life.

Having the knowledge these expenses are fixed for most of your life, why not begin a plan to take care of the
expenses? Why not have investment plans that will pay all the bills without using any out-of-pocket monies?

For example, the mortgage, why not begin purchasing stock in 3 different banks that have a history of raising their dividend every year? Purchase shares of stock in three banks that have staggered pay-out dividend dates. One bank that will pay their dividend in January, the other bank’s dividend paying in February, and the third dividend from a bank that pays in March. This will provide both diversity
and a monthly dividend check, all year round. Build your position in these securities until the dividend from the banks takes a bite out of a bank’s mortgage payment.

Own 3 utility companies and 3 gas or energy companies, using the same investment strategy. Build those stock positions while you are employed to ease the monetary burdens when you

Build a stock market portfolio that will provide you a dividend check every week of the year. All it takes is
twelve companies that pay a dividend. Twelve companies to receive dividend checks every week of the year, for the rest of your life. Whether you find that goal worth the effort,
bare in mind the only thing that comes without effort is old age.

Spend the time it takes to learn from others and take advantage of the experience of others. Make every investment dollar spent bring value in the form of cash dividends. You will find that investing in those companies that raise their dividend every year, coupled with stock appreciation to be a very powerful and effective wealth creating formula.

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